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Rapid shower tie backs (what's their proper name?!)


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My rapido-built van uses a ball and clip thingy for shower door tie back. I am trying to find out what these are called so that I can buy some more! Anyone know what I type into Google. 'Ball strap tie back' is producing all sorts of dodgy results!!


Pic attached!






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As I was at Highbridge Caravan Centre earlier today for my Rapido 640 to be watertightness-checked, I took the opportunity to inspect the shower curtain tie-back fitted to a Rapido V55 van conversion.


I’m guessing that the V55’s arrangement is similar to your Campereve’s and that you are not seeking to obtain complete tie-backs, just the end-fasteners.


This type of fastener was often used on sports-car soft tops and tonneau covers, and is known as a “tenax” fastener. Examples are here:





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Hi Veletron


Sorry I can't help but hope someone will be along soon.


The 3 photos originally showed yesterday in the reading pane but now I can't access them at all, even by download.


Perhaps that could be the reason for a lack of feedback !!!


PS. Just seen Derek's post, sent 2 minutes before mine, so pic display obviously not a problem, except for me.

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I had the same problem as you - Veletron’s orginal posting no longer carried text and the photos could not be seen. In fact, when I initially responded I commented that the text and photos had vanished, but then, magically, the text/photos reappeared and I edited out my comment.


(I notice that the Warners system seems to be glitching at the moment.)

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