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A battery 'only 10 years' old gassing and getting hot?


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Got this email today and was shocked that someone might think a 10 year old battery, that has been left flat for 7 years, might still be o.k?


"We did not use the motorhome for over a year and now it appears that the charger device is not working. It caused my 110Ah leisure battery to overheat and give off a smell. I took the battery out thinking it was a battery fault as the unit appears to work OK with no battery attached.


I fitted my spare 90 leisure battery that I had in my garage yesterday and this evening when I checked, this battery is also overheating and was actually steaming! I shut everything down and disconnected the mains cable.

The 110Ah battery was new about 10 years ago and had been used every year (except last year) on the motorhome since 2009. The 90Ah is unknown age but probably about the same age but had not been used since 2009. Both had been allowed to discharge and were recharged using a normal wall charger before fitting.....


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I am not a battery expert and no experience of one of these, so my comments should be taken in that light, however the advert states :

• 12V 100Ah

• Sealed Calcium

• Maintenance free

• Charge level indicator

• Tough polypropylene case design


It makes no mention of any particular advanced technology to show it is anything other than 1990's style standard technology fare?

The casing looks like a lot coming out of Asia, very similar to one another, just different labels.


The claim of 550 cycles doesn't necessarily mean to the usual 50% DOD 'standard'. If you discharge a battery down to 25%, still 75% charged, it will have a lot more available 'cycles' than a battery taken to 50% discharge.


Like many batteries claiming to be maintenance free, it doesn't list any advanced technology to support this claim. It is therefore likely to be low maintenance, at best.


It also does not seem to be the 'standard' Exide G80 physical size of most Motorhome battery spaces.

We keep taking out different sized batteries from Motorhomes that are wedged in with bits of wood, etc. Fitting in a replacement LFD90 is usually trauma free, goes in as though it was designed to fit the space, unless it's a Transit base.



When it is only £6.50 cheaper than a Varta, I know what I would do.


But then again that is two pints of Beer, 'free' with every Hankook battery?






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Thanks Allan.


Someone on another motorhome forum said he had bought one. There was no mention of any problem with it but there again, he never said how long he had owned it or how he used it (lightly or heavily).

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