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Tribute - your opinion


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We are looking to upgrade our motorhome and wondered if anyone could tell me their thoughts on the quality and reliability of Tribute, in particular the 720.

Also, any other recommendations for models greatly appreciated.

What we are looking for;

3+ berth

3+ seat belts

A separate shower if possible

Up to 7 m long

A good size lounge area

The 3rd bed needs to be a good size as my daughter is 5'8" - we have had one that uses the drivers seat in the past and she kept turning the hazard lights on with her feet during the night!)

Would consider British or European.


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Hi Louise and welcome to the forum. As you probably are aware the Tribute range is manufactured by Auto-trail. While I am no able to offer advice on the Tribute I can tell you that AT has three motorhomes with basically the same layout. They are the Tribute 720 you have mentioned along with the AT Imala 720 and the AT Apache 700. They are all made in the Grimsby plant so quality should be the same for all three. The difference is the price and the specifications available for each. All three are now based on the Fiat Ducato. Hope this helps, cheers,
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Hi there.


We have a tribute 725 on a transit 12 plate.


Have to say it's the best Motorhome we've had. (She's our third van). Very similar to the 720 but ours has the rear fixed bed. Our kids sleep up above the cab. But on occasions my wife and I have slept up top and found it very comfortable. Mrs is 6ft and has never had issues with leg room whilst sleeping on the fixed bed or up top. Great build quality from auto trail.


Couple of small issue has been the size of the clean water tank. Doesn't carry as much as we would like when we go to music festivals. Also our van doesn't have a rear view camera as standard. Don't know if this is the same in newer models.


As previous post suggests have a look on tribby.co.uk







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