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2000 2.8 Fiat Ducato Rapido Motorhome


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Hi All


I have had this vehicle for about two years the previous owner had fitted an LPG refillable gas bottle.

I have not used the vehicle much in that time and when I have, I have been on campsites with mains electric so have not had the need to try my fridge on gas operation. I was at the Classic Le Mans Races at the weekend rough parked no mains electrics so I needed to use fridge on gas but it doesn't work.


I have only ever used one ring on the gas hob to boil a kettle or heat a saucepan but when I put the three rings on at once to check the gas pressure only one burns it seems as if there is very low gas pressure in spite of having just filled the LPG gas bottle the two gauges are in the red. The gas heating works ok and I can feel warm air coming out of the fridge flu. But the temperature in the fridge doesn't rise above ambient temp


Any help much appreciated

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If you have two bottles, a regulator and an automatic changeover valve, then I would suspect that the valve may be faulty.


If the above applies, are you able to bypass the changeover valve and connect directly to the regulator, that's what I did and pressure was restored, I was runing two cylinders at the time.


Also Red on a gauge usually denotes it is empty, but you say they have been refilled????


Hope this helps.




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