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Water dripping off roof of Burstner IXEO 586 directly over door


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We have a Burstner IXEO Time 586 and have just returned from a wet 3 weeks in Scotland. The problem we have is that when the Motorhome is parked sloping even slightly forward (towards the front) with even a slight left to right tilt, rain runs down the roof to the bump in the roof (caused by the raised bed I think) then runs across the roof and drips (or cascades) directly over the door. This makes it impossible to get in or out without getting wet. This appears to be a huge fault with the design of the roof and I was hoping someone knows something about this problem
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Hi, sorry for the late reply - we've been away for 10 weeks in the motorhome!

We had exactly the same problem with our it 590. If you have an awning fitted, the following link will provide a solution.


The first time it happened to us we were in Italy on our first ever trip - scary isn't it?

Hope that this is of some use to you, and that you can still enjoy your motorhome - none of them are perfect!

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