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Can anyone recommend an adhesive?


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Changing vans and managed to remove the dash cam bracket 'glued' to the windscreen, by using a hair dryer.


(I would have bought a new bracket but its not available for my particular dash cam - a Black Vue)


So the issue is what adhesive / adhesive pad should I use to fix bracket in new van - plastic to glass - bearing in mind that if windscreen is broken I'd want to transfer bracket so I can continue to use dash cam?


I'm wondering if clear silicone would be strong enough. The dash cam and bracket weigh about 30 grams

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Derek Uzzell - 2016-07-19 2:46 PM


Fernox LS-X would be a possibility.




This is readily available, has good adhesive properties and should allow the bracket to be removed fairly easily.


I’d use it rather than ordinary clear ‘bathroom’ silicone .


Ordinary bathroom sealants have a lot of filler in them. Fernox LS-X does not which is why it has such good adhesive properties. Dow Corning Aquaseal as used for making fish tanks would also work. Having said I'd go down the pad route myself. I keep a roll of number plate tape in my workshop amazing how often it comes in handy.

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