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autotrail oil pump


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Can anybody give me any idea of the cost of a replacement oil pump on a autotrail 840d 160multijet 3000cc

2009.As the dealer is saying it could be as much as £2500.And does the engine have to come out to change

the pump.I am taking it in to be hooked up to a computer but says that it may be as much as this if a new one is needed,I am looking forward to any sensible comments thanks.

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The oil pump is about £350 plus vat from Fiat and i doubt there would be enough room to extract it without removing the engine. This is going to mean at least 12 hours of labour and a number of seals and gaskets will be required too since the end cover and cam chain will have to be removed along with a lot of other items. I think the estimate, while scary is probably fair for what is involved.


I would make absolutely certain that the oil pump has had it. It is extremely rare and i have never heard of one failing. Specialists can take measurements of oil flow and it would be well worth getting an expert opinion on this one.


Unfortunately due to the relative scarcity of these engines; second hand ones are few and far between while the 2.3 can be found for £1600 to £2000.

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