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How do I lower the stabilisers on my Rapido?

Paul in Brum

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Hi folks


I'm in France having my first proper holiday in my 02 Rapido 962M.


Realised I've never lowered the stabilisers at the rear of the van. The instruction booklet I received with it (original) doesn't explain how to do it. I've tried various things but no idea what I'm doing to be honest.


Can anyone advise? Pic below.


Paul (in France)


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Hi Paul the stabilisers are lowered by turning the nut clockwise at the end of the threaded shaft.

As you turn the nut the leg will drop until it reaches the floor , do not use the legs to level the van, they are only used as stabilises as you walk the length of the van. You should find a wheel brace that accompanies the lifting jack this is normally used to lower the leg. The seasoned campers often use a battery operated power drill with an attachment that fits the nut.

Hope this helps , enjoy your holiday.

Ps. You do not have to use the legs if you are happy with the stability, and do not forget to retract the legs before driving off.

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Hi Paul, on the 999M, you grasp the leg and push towards the centre of the van. This unlatches it and allows you to lower it. It can then be extended and a pin inserted to hold it extended. In about 7 years use of the van, we have never used them. The van just does not rock that much and the risk of driving away with them down just does not justify using them for us.


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This type of stabilising prop comes in various varieties and the method of deployment/retraction varies accordingly.


Assuming that the props on your 962M were factory-fitting when your motorhome was built, are you certain there is nothing in your Rapido handbook to advise on how they function?


The handbook for my 2015 Rapido has a complete page (in the Miscelaneous and Accessories section) describing how to operate the props. In my case two different designs of prop are dealt with - a fully manual type and a ‘semi-automatic’ type. But neither of these exactly match the props in your photo.


I’ve added a tarted-up version of your photo below and it looks like there’s some sort of ‘handle’ on the shaft that extends outwards from the ‘bracket’ that covers the upper end of the prop. It’s also perhaps worth saying that, as props can be awkward to deploy/retract and many motorcaravanners don’t bother using them, if previous owners of your motorhome haven’t used the props regularly, corrosion may make them very difficult to operate initially.


As you are in France, if you can’t crack the mystery of the props’ operation and its practicable, you might consider visiting the Rapido factory at Mayenne as I expect they’d be prepared to demonstrate how to do it. Otherwise, you could ask a French Rapido dealer to show you how to operate the “vérins de levage”.


I notice that advice has been provided on this 2nd thread




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..from the image, not the ones I described on the other thread.


They appear to be the very much like these (check the picture):




..which are, however, designed to be fitted to the front of the vehicle (I suspect there is no reason at all other than the designed fitting points, not to fit them to the rear, but the "rear" equivalents being sold on this site are a different design).


I had similar (but not the same) steadies on myt last 'van. As per above, winding the "nut" with a wheelbrace or similar will drop the steadies to vertical and (almost always, but the photo isn't quite clear enough) once vertical, continued winding will extend the telescopic interior until it reaches the ground. Some adjustment in overall length is normally provided by means of a "clevis pin" which sets the initial (storage) point of the telescopic interior - allowing for variations in installation height, and it would normally be set such that, in its non-extended position, the leg when vertical is just above the ground (and can be further extended by winding to take the weight).


If they won't currently move, copious amounts of penetrating oil may help.

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This link may help further




As Robinhood says, the props on Paul’s Rapido seem to be the type designed for ‘front-mounting’.


An operating tool to wind the props down and up should have been provided with the motorhome orignally. It MIGHT still be there somewhere (though I forgot to pass on the operating tool for my Hobby motorhome’s (never used) rear props when I sold the vehicle) so it would be worth checking in all the storage lockers.

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Hi everyone


Thank you very much for all the help and advice.


I did attach a pic but not sure it worked.


They are factory fitted.


And there is also a device for turning the screw and lo, they were lowered.


Turns out its not for taking a wheel off if it ever needs to be changed. Now I'll have to have a look for that...


I really appreciate people taking the time to answer.


Hopefully there'll be no more pressing queries, as we're touring for a month!





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One point to consider (as mentioned above) is that if you don't use stabilisers very often it is easy to forget to wind them back up before leaving. I can only imagine, with dread, the damage to the stabilisers or worse the floor of the van.

When I put stabilisers down I always poke my winding handle through the spokes of my steering wheel.

This prevents me from driving off without having my hands on the handle. Thus I can remember to wind them up with the air of someone totally in control who planned to do it in just this sequence.......

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