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Vehicle Registration Document


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Purchased our first motorhome from a dealer in May this year and are still awaiting the Vehicle Registration document to come through from DVLA. We have chased this matter up twice with the Dealer who inform us that DVLA are currently suffering from a backlog of applications. Just wondered if anybody else is also waiting documentation to arrive?
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The Dealer pays for the vehicle when it's registered with most manufacturers.

2 weeks is the norm.

We've not long purchased 2 new vehicles.

Both from the same dealer.

1 took less than 8 working days and the other 11 working days.

I do believe your driving the manufacturers vehicle and probably not yours.


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You ae assuming that Gadger bought a brand-new motorhome in May 2016, but this was not said.


However, whether or not the motorhome was new or secondhand, it should not take this long for a V5C to be sent to Gadger.


The first question to ask is the obvious one - did the dealer who sold Gadger the motorhome send the necessary registration documentation/fee to the DVLA back in May. Gadger has checked with the dealer about the delay and has not said that he/she has doubts about the dealer having done this.


There is an on-line application that allows a vehicle’s road-tax/MOT status to be ascertained




The Registration Number needs to be entered as a letter/number ‘string’ (ie. with no spaces in it) and the Vehicle Make needs to be as shown on the V5C document (which may well be a challenge when you haven’t got a V5C document!) but it maight be worth Gadger experimenting with the application.


There’s plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong with vehicle registration.


- The registration material might not reach the DVLA.


- The DVLA might lose the application.


- The V5C might not reach the vehicle’s owner.


My wife once applied to the DVLA to renew her driving-licence but no replacement licence turned up. She eventually got in touch with the DVLA who confirmed receipt of her application and advised that a replacement licence had been posted to her some weeks earlier. The DVLA contact said that another licence would be sent to her and this arrived within a couple of days. The ‘missing’ licence just disappeared.


There may have been vehicle registration processing delays at the DVLA recently, but the DVLA’s expectation is that a V5C (new or replacement) should be received within 4 weeks of an application being made. As that hasn’t happened here, the sensible thing for Gadger to do is to ask the DVLA why not.


The DVLA can then confirm whether or not they have received the motorhome’s registration application and, if so, whether it is still being processed but there are serious processing delays, or that processing was completed and the V5C despatched on a certain date. In the first case - if the DVLA advises that the application was not received - Gadger would need to pass that information on to the motorhome dealer; in the third case Gadger would need to tell the DVLA that the V5C has not arrrived; in the second case Gadger should encourage the DVLA to prioritise the motorhome’s registration application and hope they do!


When things go wrong with vehicle registration it should be anticipated that the DVLA will not (or cannot) be proactive. So - like it or not - it’s then down to the vehicle owner to make waves.

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