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Ducato X230 rear brake shoes


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I'm sure they will be a few people on here who are familiar with these.

I failed the DoE [irish MOT] for ineffective rear brakes. My local mechanic was on holiday so I took it to a dealer nearby. After a 2 week delay they called to say it was ready.

As I rushed off to get the re-test before they grace period was over, I realised all was not well; the brake pedal was soft and there was also a grinding noise as soon as I put pressure on the pedal.

It just passed the re-test and I decided to get my local mechanic to check it out. He found a small amount of air in one line, but said there was something not right about the adjusters.

On this model the adjusters have a knurled nut that sets the gap, and a roughly triangular fitting that, I presume, is there to stop the nut spontaneously unwinding.

On one wheel the device wasn't making contact with the nut [and he couldn't see how it could] and on the other wheel the device was missing. He was wondering if the shoes were not the right version.

At the moment neither wheel has it installed.

Am I right in thinking this is not OK? Can the adjuster slacken off?



PS The grinding noise disappeared after he had refitted the drums.

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Your Ducato X230 must be between 15 and 20 years old. Consequently, it's possible that the brake shoes and/or brake cylinders have been replacsd, hopefully with the correct replacement parts.


The brake adjuster (assume it's a star shaped nut) should not move once it's been set. I assume the brake shoes are adjusted manually (using the star shaped nut) and are not self-adjusting?


It could be that during a previous service, the assembly hasn't been replaced properly or bits lost.

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JonMac46 - 2016-08-11 6:01 AM


Update: I took it back to where I bought it and they found there were 1.8T shoes fitted instead of the proper 1.4T model shoes.

I was told the first dealer had used the VIN, so where it went wrong I can't imagine.


Glad you got it sorted. It's always good to hear of a happy ending.

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