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Hand brake extention

Herdwick Willy

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...I've used the "Rare Spares" extender on a couple of previous 'vans.


It is (IMO) somewhat better in design and manufacture than the Kobran (though it is a trifle more expensive), and though the operation is more intuitive, some do not like the "fly-off" action of the release (I didn't find it a problem).


It provides a good range of extension, and it's feature of swinging out of the way when on-site is invaluable if you use a swivel driver's seat.



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Another nod for the rare-spares item.

A very good quality item.


..although on the swivel-seated Boxer that we had it fitted to, when "on" the extender did protrude above the seat height slightly: and this could/would occasionally cause it to snag on clothing when exiting the cab.

I solved this by buying a *second machined swan-neck section, reducing it it length (by 2-3ins?)and fitting a less "grippy" hand-grip.


(*I wanted to be able to return it to original).

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