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Removing blind assembly ducato passenger door


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The top runner guide came away in ours and although we didn't repair it ourselves the dealer explained the main fastening screw is behind a small REMIS logo at the t op of the blind surround (assuming they are REMIS) and presumably the blind then has clips around it to hold the frame in.


Someone else may know exactly how it is fastened but you may just start by exploring that.



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Abailey - 2016-08-08 11:49 PM


Need to replace the near side wing mirror on my 2015 model Benimar Moho, but can't see how to remove the concertina blind assembly. Any expert advice would be most appreciated.


Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Alan.


Installation Instructions for REMIfront IV blinds can be found here




but these relate to blinds suitable for Ducato X250 vehicles manufactured 2006 to mid-2014 and the blinds for mid-2014-onwards Ducato X290 vehicles differ from those shown.


You might be able to work backwards from those installation instructions (and there is certainly a screw behind the removable “REMIS” trim piece at the top of the blind-frame as David mentions) but I don’t know how closely the installation procedure for X290 blinds follows the procedure for X250 blinds.


A while back I thought I might need to remove one of the Remis cab-door blinds from my 2015 Ducato-based Rapido motorhome and I didn’t relish attempting this. Fortunately it proved unnecessary, so I can’t give you hands-on instructions on how to do this.


If I were in your position I’d contact retailers offering the latest Remis product with the one-piece cab-door blinds - for example




and beg for a copy of the fitting instructions. If you can get the instructions appropriate for your blinds, you’ll have a much better chance of working out the best way to approach removal.





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