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EZA 12V lithium power-packs - advice please

David C

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Hi everybody


I am thinking of investing in an EZA 12v lithium power pack to replace lead acid batteries. I know they are expensive But we are looking for stress free living and these look ideal.

Has any one got any experience of them ,and are there any reviews for their long term use? All I can find is basically advertising


Cheers DC

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One forum-member (audiseller) apparently has an EZA battery (see the final postings in this December 2015 discussion)




but I’m not sure he’s still an active forum participant.


This link may also be helpful




Have you managed to find a motorhome to meet your requirements yet? EZA powerpacks are far from cheap and - if I were in your position - I’d want to gain a good deal of motorhome experience before committing to spend so much money.


(I’ve taken the liberty of retitling your inquiry to make it more specific.)

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