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Performance & economy reduction after EGR valve replacement

Roger Thomas

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I have a 2008 Bessacarr E560 based on a Fiat x250 chassis with 2.3l 130bhp engine. After a few years of grumbling (engine management light coming on periodically indicating egr problem), last year the egr valve started to cause the occasional misfire, and as we were in a heightened state of anxiety because we had to be recovered twice due to clutch failure and fuel filter leaking, we finally decided to bite the bullet and have the egr valve replaced with the new upgraded version. Since then we have covered a few thousands of miles with no misfire and no engine management light illuminating.


However, I don't think the 'van is quite as sprightly as it used to be and the fuel economy is a few mpg shy of what it used to be before the problem. It is possible that I am imagining the problem with performance but the lower mpg is a fact as I have fuel economy records. Similarly, it is possible that we are carrying a bit more stuff, but I don't believe an additional 50-100 kilograms would make that much difference - that is the difference between a full and empty water tank and that produces no discernable change in performance or economy.


Has anyone else out there had the same problem or know of a solution?


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