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BT Scam - Mac-related follow up advice needed.


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Hi all,

I started a BT scam thread on "Motor home Matters" recently.




I'm a Mac user and can't find a computer tech support/security technician in the Lincoln area, so I'm looking for an app that will scan my iMac for malware and any nasties that might have been installed during my recent experience. Or maybe that's not necessary if I erase hard drive?


I'm only familiar with Norton Anti-virus something or other..

I plan to backup iMac, and reinstall o/s before reconnecting to router.

Could I do anything else?



Alan b

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...I'm not a MAC expert, but on Windows I use the free version of Malwarebytes as a belts and braces check.


It's well-regarded for Windows, and there is now a version (free only, I think - you need to be careful to choose the free one on Windows) available for MAC.


It should hopefully do exactly what you want.




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This store in Lincoln advertises itself as having Apple expertise




and should be able to advise on what’s likely to be the best way forwards for you.


This is another possibility




You could do as Robinhood suggests and download free Malwarebytes product, but I’d be very wary of going beyond that if you don’t know what you are doing.


If there is genuinely now a malware problem with your Mac, and you take a sledge-hammer-to-crack-a-nut approach that involves backing up everything, wiping the hard drive and reinstalling everything, a) I can’t see what you will have achieved as you will have merely reinstalled the original ‘infected’ system (that you would still need to ‘disinfect', and b) the back-up/restore process would be a major and lengthy task (unless you have a super-duper broadband speed) with a fair chance of going wrong.


Seek expert advice first (I’m a Mac-user, but I’m not an expert on preferred malware defence/repair for Apple products) before doing anything.

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Like phalange I use MacWorld for advice and guidance.


You can also go on the Apple UK website and find a local provider. In the Lincoln area, it comes up with:



Apple Premium Service Provider



01522 300019




Apple shops have a Genius Bar which provides guidance so looking at where your local shop is might be worthwhile. Apple also has a decent support facility. Look under 'How can we help you'




There is a Community Forum but like many others, there are far more questions than answers.

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