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EZ-Net 'Budget' Satellite internet


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Anyone got one of these??!




£999 + £50 activation + £16/month rolling contract.


The £16/month gets you 3GB of data 4Mbits download, 368Kbits upload speeds. Once you use all the data, it switches down to low speed 256Kbits each way with a large additional limit (30GB)


Other packages also exist more data, higher speeds


Seems like a relative bargain compared to some Satellite internet systems, and the Astra 3 satellite provides near pan-european coverage (southern Spain, Portugal , Norway, Sweden,Finland missing).


Buying one with a bunch of mates with differing holiday plans and using it 'timeshare' might be viable!



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Also: http://www.conrad-anderson.co.uk/products/view/satellite-internet/satellite-internet-systems/satinttrip


Home DIY possibilities from 245+40+9.95/month: https://www.satelliteinternet.co.uk/packages (ka band) --> this lot have lots of different options, incl Ku band (up to 10Mbits) or Ka band (up to 20Mbits). Ka band relies on spot beams and requires you to select a location (and contact provider to get beam switched if travelling) - it also seems that alignment is more difficult.


Ka is on Astra2 at 28.2E while Ku is on Astra 3 at 23.5E - the latter would allow a dual LNB arrangement for internet and telle on the same dish (2nd LNB views dish at an angle to receive ASTRA 2 28.2E)


Should be poss to adapt this for mobile use - eg replacement, more compact dish+tripod using the LNB/Modem from the £245 diy-install 'home' kit.


Might have to investigate!





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