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Picasa 2

Don Madge

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This is a superb free program - what may not ha is how powerful the correction package is - click on the frame and use the left top panel - a really second rate incorrecly exposed picture can be rescued.

Click the centre tab 'Tuning' and try fill light it will correct thre or four stops.

And make a dull day look great just by clicking colour temperature to the right a couple of knotches.

What is really clever is that the corrections do NOT do anything to the original JPG file as all changes are software driven - but you can re-save to make them permanent. Simply click undo at any time tosee the original.

The printing and cropping function is excellent too.


Just go through your libreary and play for a half-hour - so much easier and simpler for basic corrctions than Photoshop or similar ... and it's all free!

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mom - 2006-12-04 6:22 AM


That's what I like about Picasa, the correction and enhancements functionality.  Not bad for a free product!


Fully agree. Been using it for a while now with plenty of success. The 'I'm feeling lucky' and the 'straighten' are just brilliant for an amateur photographer like me.


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