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Any users/owners of Westfalia Amundsen/Columbus out there please?


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Greetings! I would love to hear from anyone who has first-hand experience of the above PVCs - they currently sit at the top of my choice list but I can find no personal user reviews (there are of course reviews by the esteemed MMM publication ;-) ). How practical the set-up is, ease of use, durability, dealer service, issues, etc, etc.

Many thanks in anticipation :-D

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Not quite sure what you are looking for.


The layouts are identical to many other makers so the practicalities of each one is well know. The fittings are also probably similar and again each item has good and bad opinons. Westfalia pride themselves on being up market makers, and of course their price refects this, but whether it is justified is amatter for personal taste. Just as Hymer have a following I am sure Westfalia are similar. Of course the base vehicles are the same as everybody else's, warts and all.


What you will also need to look at is any dealer network and whether any repairs et are easily available to you. Having to possibly trek back to Germany might not always appeal. The more common makes tend to stay around longer especially once the warranty period has expired.


You may want to see if there is any Westf alaia owner's group that can offer specific advice.

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