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Dormobile Atlas Standard Coachbuilt circa 1958


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Just been surfing on www.trademe.co.nz and seen this old coachbuilt advertised for $4000nz.Never seen one before and this example needs some TLC but it's a classic from way back. Anyway it's listed in the under 6m section on trade me and well worth a look for fans of classic campers. The seller states that it's one of only 4 built but how true that isI don't know.
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Hi Shirles

See the link to the Dormobile site


Then click on the "Dormobile history" tab.



The "Standard Atlas" was manufactured by BMC (British Motor Corporation) & were a common van of their time.

I recall seeing quite a few Dormobile conversions in early 1960's & built at the same time as their more popular models on the Bedford CA.


I think it's more probable that the "only 4" mentioned would relate to the No. imported to NZ.

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