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The seat backs fall over every time we drive away!


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I know it's a trivial issue, but after every journey we have to tidy up the back of the 'van.


The seat backs fall over and knock the scatter cushions onto the floor and we have to pick everything up and put it back in place.


Has anyone got a brilliant idea how to keep the seat backs in place when travelling?


Looking forward to hearing from you.





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Robbo - 2016-09-24 7:33 PM


Remove the scatter cushions - the clue is in the name :-D


That won’t stop the seat-back cushions falling over though... ;-)


As has already been advised, the method commonly employed by motorhome manufacturers is to glue hook-and-loop (Velcro) strips to the surface behind a seat-back cushion and to glue (or stitch) hook-and-loop strips to the seat-back cushion itself. The latter may prove tricky to carry out retrospectively.

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Self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape is widely available




but it’s intended to adhere to a hard flat surface.


My Rapido motorhome’s seat cushions are retained in place by hook-and-loop strips, with long wide self-adhesive ‘hook’ strips stuck to the flat wooden furniture-board behind the cushions and ‘loop’ strips sewn on to the fabric material on the rear of the cushions themselves. The hook and loop strips grip very strongly to each other and, if self-adhesive strips were used on the cushions’ fabric, I’m sure they would pull off when the cushions needed to be moved. If the cushions had flat wooden backs, then self-adhesive tape should be OK.


Double-sided hook-and-loop tape is also available




I use it to temporarily tether the shower-hose to the shower riser-rail to stop the hose swinging about while the motorhome is being driven.


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