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Funny what you can find !


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How about "THANK YOU".


Blonde Dolly in a sports car on the M25 following a Police Land Rover with several leering officers. Message on LR light screen "HELLO HELLO HELLO" so I pulled in behind the LR and gave a suitable signal Message on light screen "SOD OFF". Still laugh about this.





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I wonder if it would provoke Road Rage . My daughter has not long passed her driving test . She is training to be an Apprentice Farrier (Shoe Horses ) she has a five year long stretch infront of her now. She works with 5 big burley lads who i 'm sure are quite capable of looking after themselves . Last night when she came home she said .Mum nearly had an accident today . She has to drive through all the little country lanes to get to work in the mornings . Apparently this white van man was pushing her along tail gaiting I have told her not to exceed the limit . So she slowed down so he pushed more & more in the end she was doing 5 miles an hour . Now I can understand this has obviously got up the guy's nose but would you not think that he might have the forsight to over take or pull off and give her some distance . No continued to push and push her until in the end she pulled in to the lane where her boss lives . The van stopped two grown men started to hurle abuse and one even got out . She is only 18 .what was he going to do to her ?

They soon left when they saw 5 lads running towards them ready to have a punch up with hammers and Farrier tools in hand

I wonder with a sign like this she could of put, just passed test I do not exceed the limit please go round or word's to that effect . .




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