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Old Hymers everywhere!


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Worked on a 1999/2000 model Hymer today with 113k on the clock but in amazing condition.

The owner believed it was one of last 'hand built' Hymers which I don't think is true, but it felt like it.

I think what he meant, was that back then, if you went to Germany you could virtually specify almost anything.


It is the detail I like, in that it is the 'hidden' things that show the real quality of the build, like the wiring, plumbing, fittings etc rather than the furniture.


But remember the chassis/mechanicals are just the same as any Fiat or Merc with a design life of only about 15 years. You won't see many good commercial base vans of the same age on the road after 15 years, so running costs can be high unless you get an exceptional one.

While people spend more money keeping older Motorhomes on the road, it is generally a lot of money unless they are DIY handy.



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