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Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner


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Has anyone any experience of a problem I have with Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner. I was in the process of washing my van with it at the recommended strength when I was interrupted and it dried before I could rinse off.

This has left a residue on horizontal surfaces and streaks on vertical ones which I have been unable to shift. I have tried various other cleaners and polishes but it appears to have become set.


(This is not a complaint as the instructions do say 'do not allow to dry'.)


Any suggestions would be welcome.



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Guest pelmetman
John52 - 2016-10-07 6:32 AM


Will86 - 2016-10-06 7:43 PM

Personally I only ever use soap

What sort of 'soap'?


Eastenders :D ......



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This also happens with any of the 'black stain removers' if you happen to let them dry!!!!!!!!!


If you haven't removed it go over the whole panel which has the marks with a stronger solution....but don't let it dry! The aim is to make the other areas as clean as the streaked parts.


Once saw a Motorhome at a dealers where the cleaner had used the streak remover solution neat...unlike the normal domestic versions we buy.

I was told it took 7 or 8 strong washes to even things up!



I always use normal car type shampoo/conditioners with some black streak remover added!

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Thanks for responses. I have not succeeded in removing it.


Fenwicks suggest it may be UV degradation which has only become evident when I washed the roof and suggest compounding and repolishing. I don't fancy this so we will live with it.


Fortunately it is substantially out of sight from ground level.



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I've only ever had one motorhome and only keep in touch by reading and involving myself in forums which are very useful if you can find one where owners share experience, regarding cleaning I had to find my own way.


The strong expensive cleaner I once used was a stain remover from International, to be honest it was scary and more recently a better product is a non abrasive kitchen cleaner we bought from Lakeland. Otherwise I just use car-wash and regularly spray all the suspected places with an algae idea from Mangers. Doing the roof regularly rather than occasionally seems to help the rest of the van stay cleaner.

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