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Internal rear view mirror - X290


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...unlike the X250 (which was a slot-on fit), the X290 is a twist-fit.


My 'van was supplied without, but with a bit of a view through to the rear, I bought and fitted one.


It was a real pig to fit, and I had to ease the "lugs" slightly before I could achieve it.


I'm not going to go out and take it off again to check ( ;-) ) but I have the blanking plug for the mounting plate here, and it indicates that the mirror should be placed on at quite an angle, such that the three lugs drop into the recessed flats on the windscreen mount, and then twisted into the correct orientation such that those lugs go behind the extended portions of the mount.


As I say, I found the twisting almost impossible until I'd bent the lugs back slightly with a pair of pliers. If yours has already been mounted and subsequently removed, you may get away without doing that.


(I'm assuming here that you've knocked the mirror off the mount, not the mount off the screen).


I went into a little more detail in my post here:



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