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ACSI Camping Card APP problems .... Is it me?


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I am having problems with their App 

I use Camping Card ACSI both on the laptop & as the App on my Samsung Android device and on my Android Hudl. 
When I put a filter in, for example period of stay eg for the whole of France 14/11/2016 to 19/12/2016, the number of campsites available on the lap top (94 of 1339) is different to the number available on the Android (57 camp sites found) 
No other filters are used. 

Why should they be different? 

Both programmes are up to date and have been loaded with up to date maps. 
Their Customer Service Dept are replying to my e-mails but their replies are not addressing the problem.

Anyone out there help please?
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michaelc45 - 2016-10-11 5:52 PMHow are you limiting your search to France or is that the only country you have loaded? If I search with the same date filter and zoom in to France (I also have Spain loaded) I get 122. That's on my Android tablet.

Michael hi - I have only got France on at the moment. 
I now have had a reply from ACSI - On the laptop if you tick the box under the date range "Show only campsites that accept CampingCard during my entire stay" then it agrees with the App.

Not very helpful really as the App does not have this facility - it simply by default excludes sites that are not open for the entire period - even though they may be open for some of the period. Not easy to plan with that unless you narrow the date range to outward journey and then have to do it again for return journey.

Anyway, mystery solved!
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