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Meeting new people


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I have just posted this on facebook, I am hoping to meet a few new people and make some new friends:


We have had our motorhome for a Year now, we have been to the Vendee in France, Devon. Leamington and a few other places. We enjoy relaxing with a few drinks and maybe a BBQ, believe it or not I am quite good at cooking on the BBQ, we also enjoy playing cards and listening to most types of music (the cook should choose the music). We enjoy meeting new people and just relaxing. We have just bought an awning and want to try it out without travelling too far but would like to spend a few days with some like minded people, campers, caravanners, motorhomers, so if you are down here in Kent let us know where and we will book the same site. My profile on facebook is public so you can get some idea of who I am, Hope to meet some new people soon, I am retired so can come and go as I please.

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