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Timing of medication


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Looking at t'internet there seems to be a growing view that rather than being taken at or with breakfast some drugs, particularly those designed to prevent a stroke or heart attack, should be taken in the evening as night time would appear to pose a greater risk than daytime for stroke and heart attack?


I will discuss it with my GP and any other specialist that I see but meanwhile I wonder if anyone has any views or experience on the subject?


If for no other rreason than when we say 'night night sweetheart - see you in the morning' I would like to increase the chances!!

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Thanks guys, I am aware of the instructions that come with all medication and I do read 'em all. That said, like many things they are not all things to all people and my brother has been advised by his GP that given some family hereditary factors taking his blood pressure medication in the evening MIGHT be more effective than taking it in the morning.


There does seem to be some anecdotal evidence online to support this view but again as with all things there is plenty of evidence that does not?


Evening medication seems to be largely experimental at this stage but bearing in mind the old saying of first do no harm I thought it worth talking about?


I don't take statins as having tried many varieties they all cause me nasty side effects. I have been prescribed Fenofibrate in their place but have also been advised not to start the Fenofibrate until everything else has been stabilised rather than risk even more confusion.

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Like most old codgers I have a modest cocktail of drugs to do each day, and I take the statins at bedtime.

The other drugs I take are one to keep my blood pressure down, and one to slow my heart beat down. I only take the aspirin for one month in three, because the pharmacist will only give me 28 days at a time and such a rigmarole to go back for the rest. If for any reason I don't take them, even for several days, I cannot detect any difference in my everyday life. I take my other drugs after breakfast.

I may have mentioned previously that I was a chauffeur for many years and had to renew my permit every 3 years, and that included a medical. Because of the heart problems I was also required to do a stress test, very expensive and absolutely exhausting, and that involved stopping my medication for 2 days before the test, and I was wired up to a portable monitor for the duration, and it showed that my blood pressure rose slowly after the tablets stopped, and heart beat was faster. I then did the test, and was advised to resume taking my medication straight away. Within 30 minutes the blood pressure went down and the heartbeat slowed and everything was back to normal.

To me that indicated that it was not important when I took the tablets, but I'm not a doctor so I don't know.

I've been taking them for over 20 years now so it must be alright.


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