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ECU Re mapping

Frank Beevers

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Frank, I've not had a remap but from experience of the forum, it would help others if you quote the engine e.g. '2013 Fiat 2.3 130bhp'.


Normally you will have to advise your insurance company to any changes to the Original Equipment as on the day you bought the van. Your insurance policy will confirm this - or not.

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I had my ECU remapped soon after buying the MH new in 2006, mainly because I tow a car on a trailer and thought the extra power or torque would be useful.  It worked a treat and I hae no regrets; no engine problems since then either.


My engine is a Fiat 2.8 JTD and at that time Fiat were using the same engine, mechanically identical, in a variety of power ratings with only the ECU mapping varying.  I used a specialist company who used a dynamometer to measure the effect of their remapping.


The increase in power/torque was noticeable and worthwhile.  Without the trailer it gives me better acceleration and less gear changes on hills.  With the trailer it was also noticeably better than previously.


The only downside has been a tendency to puff black smoke briefly sometimes when I lift off to change gear while acceleration hard.  Not really a problem and I've just put up with it.  Never failed the MOT emissions test.


I told my insurer and they didn't complain or charge extra.


If you are planning to keep the MH then spend the extra money to get the job done properly.  My remapping cost about £500 but prices have dropped since.


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