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The Forgotten Highlander


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I do not normally mention obituaries but this one I feel really should make us think. What this man went through is probably beyond any understanding and it makes David lean’s film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ although bad, was absolutely nowhere near the reality. Fortunately 2 of his torturers were executed after the War, no doubt nowadays the do gooders would have them in a prison with all life’s luxuries and released after a few years.


One thing that has not changed however was the opinion expressed that officials and vested interests in Singapore had a defeatist mentality and contributed to the disaster. That is still happening today, although I refrain from mentioning names.


All I can say is RIP, you were a unsung hero.



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Managed to open it, but it took a while.


An extraordinary man to have survived all that was thrown at him, and to live too that good age.


I don't know if he was lucky or what. Marrying and having a family, living to an old age must be luck, getting through all those horrendous conditions he endured, how could that be luck?


A survivor of the first magnitude and a lesson to us all.



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