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MOT & Service Swindon Area (nr Brownhills)


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I can recommend the DMS Auto Centre as an independant garage for motorhome service and MOT. The garage is situated in an industrial park, pleasantly surrounded by trees and serviced by good quiet roads (after office hours).


There is a small parking area in front of the unit. Parking for the night after office hours is permitted, but there are no faciliies so you must be selfcontained and prior booking is essential.


The garage will taxi you into Swindon Centre for a days shopping while your motorhome is serviced, a full service using fully synthetic engine oil, changing all filters will cost £169.75, while an MOT costs £35.


Using an independant garage such as DMS for the MOT rather than just an MOT station has the benefit of small repairs and adjustments being carried out whilst the vehicle is booked into the garage for the MOT.


DMS Auto Centre uses Swindon Commercial Vehicle testing station for the MOT, which has a very good reputation for a thorough and fair testing procedure. I was pleased to note today that the MOT certified operator does NOT run the engine to 4000 revs plus to establish the exhaust content, thereby putting undue strain on the camshaft belt, but the test is acomplished at tickover or thereabouts, as the testing station has the most uptodate equipment and can accommodate the largest of RV's. All motorhomes and RV Service and MOT are by appointment only, you can wait for your MOT about one hour, papers and beverages are supplied FOC in the customer waiting area.


DMS Auto Centre is situated at Unit 22 Ash Phase, Kembrey Park, Swindon, SN2 8UN, telephone 01793 619899, Fax 01793 434663, Email dmsautocentre@aol.com , GPS 51.57962N 1.76472W.


This is a small independant garage and has a trained Peugeot Service engineer as part of its team, although all makes of vehicle are accepted.


Regards Terry

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Hi Mike,


Pleased to be of help.


The DVLA web site inwhich the MOT results are entered by the MOT operator at the garage, automatically started my MOT (the first for this vehicle) from the date due (7th Jan 2007) rather from the day the MOT was carried out which was 12th Dec.


You need to take the log book if its the first MOT or your current MOT certificate if it isn't. I expect you know that anyway - my apologise if I am being over solicitous.


I was surprised that because the MOT operator finished the inspection in 35 min instead of the 40 mins the DVLA allows, we had to wait five mins before he could complete the paperwork on the computer - I am glad it's not just me that's going crazy and mad.


Regards Terry

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