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Message for Don


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Dear Don,

please can you help you gave me a link in the past for tyre chains snow


can you please gve again Iam looking cannot find .

I have done a search but still cannot find.


Would appreciate

have looked at the autosoc rather have chains.






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I Thank you firstly . I have a good friend of yours staying here tonight ..


He said to say hello & His wife Val .. they are here having tea in my kitchen now.

On route to Spain tommorrow .............


He will talk to you soon on here.


Thanks again Don appreciated ;-)

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Sorry Guy's ,

we were so busy chatting but I see Don told you who it was.

a most plesant evening, they have now retired to bed ...


Don he said he is going to tell you all about me ?

Ooh dear ...........Poor you :-(


Spain Tomorrow Lucky them.......


Very nice people.just shows you ,you can make friends . *-)

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They left this morning on their merry way spain Lucky sod's all on there lonesome no kids Ha Ha........M11 cleared had a cuppa before they went .

said thats it telling Don what I'm really like Ha aha.


Also he's advertising my drive 2 euro's a night electric hook up and floodlights..... Lol

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