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DFDS 20% off for Motorhome & Caravans

Fiat Ducato

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Fiat Ducato - 2016-11-10 5:52 PM


Just found this discount code for DFDS cross channel ferry, for Motorhome and Caravans, tried it and it works.

Just in case anyone is interested.


The code is: ECHV20


And here is the link where I got the code from to check terms and conditions etc.





I think if I where crossing the channel in winter, and lived close to Kent, I would prefer to travel on the tunnel , maybe that is why they are giving the discounts?

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I do prefer an early morning ferry around 07.30 so I can sit down for breakfast which sets me up for a good days driving. I No longer buy a return, not since the day return of the " booze cruise" days became the same price as a single and more. P&O are as good as any out of Dover and are just as good on price without going through discount codes and "discounts" for camper vans etc oh for the days of Sally Line??
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