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Bulb holder


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Think you need to use something like Photobucket and then put the link on here to your picture. These sites don't seem to like hosting pictures.


If it's from Swift it's going to be expensive. Chances are you cannot just buy the bits you need but will have to buy the whole thing.

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Mackyjane - 2016-11-14 8:42 PM


Picture seems to be beyond my ability. Thanks for the reply. Your link is exactly the right one. I'll try to contact swift in the morning.


This might help you




The problem people generally come up against is getting the size of the photo-file below 100KB. However, if you can do that (and there are various methods) and the photo-file has a .jpg extension, it ought to attach to your posting OK.


For example




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Mackyjane - 2016-11-14 8:33 PM


I need to replace a couple of bulb holders from the rear light cluster on my 2005 Bessacarr E710 but I can't find them or even identify them. If I can work out how to put a picture on here I will. But any help would be welcome.

Is there no manufacturer's name on the lights themselves? From memory, I think all the rear lights I have seen on vans have a maker's name, and often some identifying number, moulded into the lens somewhere. For example "Hella".


Those circular lamp units are very common (though doubtless of differing sizes), and have been in use for many years by a number of converters (for example our 2005 Burstner had similar) . If you can't find a maker's name, why not try contacting Swift customer services with the model designation and year of manufacture of your van, and see if they can tell whose lamps they were? I suspect that you will have to replace the whole lamp unit rather than the bulb holder itself, but I don't think they are that costly. I have seen similar units for sale at motorhome and caravan (Swift also make caravans which use similar lamp units) dealer and accessory stores.

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