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Brilliant Obama

starvin marvin

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I would like to think that we look for more in a world leader than the ability to make pleasing speeches that appeal to people of the soft centre, I thought we had seen through that with Blair and the rest of the champagne pinko's.

We have the Russians and Chinese still trying to spread the gospel of oppressive socialism, we have a group, probably much larger than we like to think, who think we should join them in their murderous religious beliefs, we have right wing politics beginning to rear their ugly head in Europe, at a time when Europe is in turmoil, and Obama has been too concerned with his place in history as the first black president of the USA, to even start to address the real dangers.

I am not arguing the case for Trump, whom I despise, or anyone else come to that, but we really need to get real. Russia and co really would like to take the free world over and use it's wealth and resources for their own ends, we hardly dare mention what would happen if the religious extremists prevail, ordinary people around the world are becoming less content with their lot in life and are looking for some alternative, we need to look for a different sort of politician to have a vision who can lead us into a better way of life, and history is not overloaded with really nice leaders who have achieved very much.


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