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Outdoor Revolution Techlite Pro XL Awning


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On Mull earlier this year we saw one of the above awnings on a Peugeot PVC; it looked to be good solution for a panel van.

Has anybody seen one or does anyone have one for sale?

I've looked recently on ebay and not seen, but things change quickly.

If you see one I'd appreciate a reply,


alan b

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Hi Alan..


Sorry, can't help on the specific model but we used to use an old Outdoor Revolution Easiporch on our first PVC (a 2003 Duetto) and although a bit saggy due to it just being hooked ontp the low gutter rail of the Transit, it did work well and was very quick and easy to put up & take down.


But as you say they move on and especially since we got ours in 2007 ish! ( never mind "air awnings" ours weren't even fibreglass poles but still heavy steel! (lol) )


What would you be hanging it off?..if it'll be from a wind-out, bear in mind that if it's a Fiamma, the outer grooves aren't (or at least weren't!) the "standard"(6mm?) awning bead size..and you can end up having to faff about with double edged adapter strips and fig of 8 section


I recall that at one time (and on some awning models)O.R fitted two beads (6mm & 4mm?), no idea if that's still done?


However although 6mm, the groove on our last Omnistor was on the inside, which meant the wind-out needed to remain *unlatched.So to secure ours I used to slip a pair of luggage straps over either end*


(*even on a latched wind-out, I'd still want to secure with straps though , as the latching mechanisms are only really meant to keep the things shut).


You would've obviously thought of this bit but as well as checking rail height, consider the travel of the sliding door, ours being only a "porch", meant that some of the door would be "outside" when left fully open.


It may also be worth asking/searching on here ? http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/chatter/ ...



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