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transit ci motorhome info?


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hi my first post on here hello to all of you do any of you know the correct tyre pressure on my 1984 much loved tranny?also i am after a few bits/bobs for it spares wise that is so does anyone know of a breaker which deals in the lets say umm mature vans or someone maybe breaking one maybe eh?thanks in advance andy s.wales... :-D :-D :- :-D
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Hi there, tyre pressures;


Load your van as normal for a camping trip then weigh it at your local public weighbridge. contact your tyre manufacturer and from the weights you give them they should be able to tell you the correct tyre pressures.



What spares are you after in particular? Most parts are still availabe for Transits of your vintage from Ford dealers or your local motor factors.


Just a polite request, when posting a mesaage please try to break it up with some puctuation, it makes it much easier to read and understand.


Happy Christmas, D.

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