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Modifications to Motorhome


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Hi all


Though some of you might like some suggestions for simple alterations to make more storage. The gas locker I have put in a refillable bottle and carry a 907 as a spare and put in a box ,under Gaz bottle, and side boxe for 'things'. Then the ramps and main lead fitted in. Also glued shelves over tops of wheel arches so that a large flat surface was made. Fire blanket inside sink cupboard. Whilst wiring the solar panel I put all wiring for reversing cam/dash cam/GPS behind radio and up through a hole in top dash - put a multi switch in so can have reversing or GPS on separately. While I was behind radio - permanently wired cigar lighters. Should you want to get Peugeot radio out - it needs wire clips for top, but bottom has two push in clips that are very tight (two blunt knives as leavers) (lol)



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