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Cash or card

harry the horse

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Cards, but look out for cloning. Only draw cash from inside a bank, not in machines in the street.

Ask me how I know this!

I never carry more than a couple of hundred Euros, and use a credit card for everything else, paid off by direct debit every month.

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Card is safer and if you get a credit card which does not charge for European transactions it does not work out to be more expensive. Make sure you set a direct debit up before you leave to pay off the bill completely each month otherwise you might find you have a higher than expected charge to pay when you get home.

You will need some cash to get by for the small incidentals but most places will accept cards.


If you look at Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert website there is a lot of good advice from someone who knows!!!


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Carry enough cash to cover your trip to your destination. Cards are fine but if you lose them, or the get nicked, then you need to have a fall back. Hide the cash somewhere as you would passports etc and it is unlikely anyhting will cause it to vanish, unless you see a great deal in a supermarket.


Remember that prepaid cards do not work everywhere, for example thy do not work for French tolls, or even some fuel pumps, as we found out. If you are carrying credit cards then carry more than one, and spread these between you and spouse, just in case you drop your wallet in a drain. or on the bBQ.


Always have the ability to pay for air flights home, just in case. so do not carry a credit card that is close to the max.


Do not use a credit card to withdraw cash unless you are sure the fees are not prohibitive. Pulling 300 euros a week out of a machine can soon mountup charges.


If you are confident about exchange rates then get your cash in advance from one of the online dealerships such as Fairfx as these usually give a better rate. They also give you notes that are genuine (yes, it does happen sometimes)


Of course if you have the ability then have a euro account and get your cash that way with no withdrawal charges.

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John52 - 2017-03-17 8:35 PM


I use Nationwide - debit card for cash withdrawals and credit card for purchases - which was the cheapest way last time I checked.

Have other cards as back up.




Do the same. Nationwide do not charge for CC , except for cash withdrawals, use Debit for cash.

We always take cash as well. Euros and Sterling.

Pay for fuel and possibly sites with CC, and clear with online banking, or Direct Debit



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johnfromnorfolk - 2017-03-17 7:59 PM


I will travel Spain and Portugal for three months and use a Fairfx. card.

Load before you travel and continue to load via the internet during the trip.

Have used Fairfx for years and found it very user friendly and secure.


I do much the same but with a Caxton Fx card and carry a bank debit and credit card as back up. My tip don't carry them all in the same wallet in case you lose it.


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