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Ford Herald Valencia


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Hi Folks


i've been looking at the above MH , it was Reg in 1995 - 23,000 miles currently and looks really clean inside and out , usual age signs outside , its on a Transit 2.5 Diesel chassis.

The seller is looking for offers on or around 10k - it has a good service history by the local Ford dealer , an HPI check looks all above board as well.

Not sure about any rust yet..


My question is , is it overpriced - i read an article in a mag from 2012 with private sales expecting to fetch 10 to 12K , that was 5 years ago.


Thoughts anyone.

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Guest pelmetman

Got any pic's?......then we'll be able to tell you how original it is ;-) .......


Look for rust around the wheel arches, inside the step and front cross member ;-) ........not a major issue as to replace those panels plus a cab respray should cost under 2k, but a useful bargaining tip :D ......


If in good nick then 10k is about on the money B-) ........



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There’s a (no longer current) advert for a 1995 Valencia here




In 1995 Herald motorhomes were still being built at Poole, before the company went bust and production was moved north to the Compass factory. The base vehicle for a Valencia was a Transit Mk 4 with a 100hhp turbo-diesel motor (manual transmission) or 80hp naturally-aspirated (automatic transmission). There were two versions, one having a deep overcab section and the other (as in the advert) having a reduced-height overcab design. The 3300kg maximum gross weight meant that payload was relatively tight.


Besides the mentioned areas that should be checked for corrosion, the windscreen-pillars should be carefully inspected. Also check for damp in the floor of the habitation area as protection of the underfloor wood was minimal.


If the vehicle’s registration number can be identified, it would be worth looking at its MOT history.




This can be revealing, particularly when (as in this case) the vehicle has a fair amount of age but the quoted mileage is very small.


(I still have a monochrome copy of the October 1995 MMM report on a Valencia.)

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Thanks Derek


I really like this MH and will take your tips on-board about the rust ,it has a pretty decent service history from 2008 , i'm just being very cautious because of the age of the vehicle , from what i've read the Transit engine is pretty much bomb proof but as you say tinworm could be an issue.

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I don’t know about ‘bomb proof’, but the 2.5litre motor has a timing belt that won’t be immortal




Before committing to buying the vehicle confirm when the belt was last changed. Within the Ford Transit forum discussion it was advised that the service interval between belt changes was 50,000 miles or 5 years. Having only covered 23,000 miles, there’s the possibility that the belt is still the original (and a mechanical accident just waiting to happen). If there’s any uncertainty about when the belt was last changed (and you decide you want the Valencia) I strongly advise you to have the belt replaced without delay.


Herald would have installed Carver air and water heating appliances and spares for these may be tricky to source nowadays. Similarly for the Electrolux fridge. Make sure that you are confident these more-expensive items are in good working order or, if not, that this is reflected in the motorhome’s price.


Also check the date-of-manufacture code of the tyres as it’s not that uncommon to find elderly low-mileage motorhomes still on their original tyres. Although there’s no hard-and-fast rule about motorhome tyre-age, received wisdom is that they should be replaced no later than 7 years after manufacture. Driving on 22-year-old tyres would definitely be pushing your luck...

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