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Power control panel issues


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Paul.


“Sundance” has been a name used by Swift, but I’m doubtful Swift did this in 1996 and I don’t recall the “Riviera” name being used as a suffix. However, in 1996 CI were definitely using the “Riviera” name on their motorhomes (example here and photo attached)




Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much hope of providing you with useful advice without more detail from you. You’ll need to confirm, please, whether your motorhome was made by Swift or CI (or some other manufacturer), what make and model of 'power control board' it has and, most importantly, exactly what the problems are that you are experiencing with the board.


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Motorhome control-panels usually handle 12V services (living-area lights, water-pump, etc.) and not 240V applications.


CI tended to fit electrical equipment made by the Italian company Nordelecttronica but, even if that were the case with your motorhome, there are several designs of Nordelecttronica control-panel so it’s not going to be a straightforward matter identifying which panel your 1995 Riviera has and how it functions.


There’s a drawing of a Nordelettronica NE101 panel here




and these two links might help






If your motorhome’s control-panel is a Nordelecttronica product, a member of this forum is a specialist in Nordelecttronica equipment




Can you post a photo of your motorhome’s control-panel here? Otherwise any advice is going to be shots in the dark.

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