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Loose screw Dometic hob


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I have three gas rings. One of the screws is loose on the largest ring. This screw is one of two that hold the thin metal plate down over the burners. The screw seems OK but does not hold so presumably it is what it screws into that is not holding the screw.


Without the plate screwed down securely, the flam escapes around the side which is potentially dangerous.


What is the solution?



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Hi John,


My PVC has a 4 burner Smev hob. The screws have a T8 head, and are self tapping 3 x 30 long.


The screws pass through the cap and then through the flame spreader before self tapping into the stainless steel top plate of the hob which is quite thin. The screw has only a short length of engagement with the top plate


From a test just made, a 3 x 30 countersunk head stainless steel self tapper would be a possible alternative.


Can you get the rogue screw out to check the size? Has it broken or has it been overtightened and stripped the hole in the top plate. (That is assuming that the construction is similar.)


If construction is similar, and you can get the screw out, it may be possible to use a No 6 x 30 Csk screw as an alternative. (No 6 gauge is approx 3,5mm.)


When refitting such scews, use a smear of "Copper Slip" or similar lubricant on the end of the thread.


Take care not to over tighten any replacement screw.




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My Dometic Cramer 3 burner hob has 2 screws holding down the top circular plate.


Use a Torx T6 to tighten the screw (available at Halfords). If that doesn't work, suggest you remove both screws and compare the length of both screws. The one causing the problem may have broken for some reason and left the remaining part of the screw thread in the top unit.


If that is the case, it might be easiest to purchase a complete top burner unit, available from leisureshopdirect.

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