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Warranty on a Motorhome purchase?


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G. F. and his family were on holiday in Cumbria on Tuesday 4th April 2017 when the 2 year old battery failed taking out the mains charger. He went to the local repair guy who promptly fitted a new battery, attaching the clamps to the wrong terminals reversing the 12v Polarity, further damaging the Schaudt Elektroblock EBL 101 power distribution electronics.

The family now had no mains charger, no lights, no Water Pump, no Heating, nothing.


He contacted Nick Whale who he bought the Motorhome from only 2 months ago. Together with the warranty company, A1Warranty, they agreed Mr Finelli should come to us in North Wales for an assessment because we could do a 'same day' repair.

He arrived with us in the afternoon and we made an assessment that a new battery and EBL 101 were required so contacted A1Warranty who authorised all the work without quibble or any drama.


We did the work and when I left at 18:00 the family were enjoying their free nights stay at Tan Y Bryn Farm Campsite, raving about the beautiful sea view. http://www.tanybrynfarm.com/



When you are on holiday you don't want any issues, but when the selling Dealer and the Warranty company work to do all they can to fix it as smoothly as is possible, without any squabbling it can make a huge difference.

We like A1warranty because they are so good to deal with, including prompt payment which makes a big difference to a little company like ours.

We have also dealt with Nick Whale before as well, again recommended.


Without the warranty, not only the company paying for it promptly but organising repair, the family might have faced terminating the holiday and a Dealers potential £600 + bill.



In the above instance, even though it was a very well prepared Motorhome in exceptional condition, things still went wrong. The battery became damaged, probably from being over discharged by someone learning their way around?


Warranties are expensive, but when buying a Motorhome, please don't underestimate the cost of some Electronic items, the cost with fitting, VAT and the parts can be thousands.



The owner of the Reich e-Box repair we did on the morning of the same day, just finished it when Mr G.F and family turned up, had been quoted over £1,100 by their Dealer, although our total bill was 'only' £340 it's still a lot of money.



In case you are wondering, we don't sell warranties, but we are acutely aware of many peoples disappointment when their new purchase doesn't turn out to be quite what they thought it was or the unexpected happens.




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Hi Allan

That's good to know and for those offered an insurance backed warranty will be pleased when its A1warranty.

I've not long been given foc by Renault for the trouble I've g

Had an extended warranty. Fingers crossed there as good as a1.

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I paid £700 extra for an extended warranty when i bought my Honda car last year, having asked and been told specifically that I was buying a manufacturer's warranty rather than an insurance based one.  Some time later I needed to claim for a fogged headlamp unit and discovered I had been misled and it was insurance-based after all.  But lamp units were covered as long as there was no accident damage and they paid for the work without argument.


I'm now a lot more open minded than I was about insurance-based repair cover.


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