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Chausson S3 Teething troubles


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We've recently bought a 2010 Chausson S3 and are generally pleased with it but it's had a few issues.


I thought I'd share some of our solutions plus request help for one outstanding issue.


Our water was not building pressure so we did the usual running of taps to get air trough but nothing improved. After various explorations in the van I gave up and started looking for a local repairer. The £35 an hour (which isn't outrageous as these guys have to make some sort of living) spurred me on to further searching.


I then discovered the inline strainer may be blocked.


On finding this in the van I realised it was damaged and needed a new screw in cap. An easy fix (£10 for the part) as all I did was screw on the plastic cap.


Water now present at all taps and water heating checked - OK.


Kitchen tap acting like a slow waterfall though when turned off.


I thought it was 'o' rings and bought some, then found a video on You tube that showed how to replace a cartridge for a single lever mixer tap. This was a little sticky due to years of limescale (?) but again an easy fix with a standard 35mm cartridge from the local DIY shop for £7.


Now it looks like a similar fate has fallen on the shower mixer - albeit a little less dramatic. Another cartridge I think.


I have also resealed the roof with '512' as it seemed long overdue.


So we are nearly ready for Easter but our outstanding issue is the light over the dinnette. We do not know how it is controlled and so whether or not it works - I bought a £3 tube to check but still no joy. If anyone has any thoughts I will be very grateful !


It's not the end of the world but it would be good to get everything as we want it.


Thank you

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Welcome to the Out&About Live forums, Kevin.


I’m going to begin by directing you to this Chausson-related list on the MotorHomeFacts website.




This is really just for light reading - there may be nothing in the discussions that you’d find genuinely useful, but it would still be worth you browsing through the material.


This review of a 2008 Flash S3 includes a photo of the dinette area with (part of) the ceiling-light just visible.




I’m guessing that your light is the same as shown in the attached photo of a Flash 09’s interior - a round unit and (from what you’ve said) of flourescent-tube type.


The following discussion




suggests that there’s a good chance that the ceiling-light has its own switch carefully secreted by Chausson somewhere. Alternatively, if the light itself is faulty, you should be able to at least check with a voltmeter whether 12V power is present at the light-fitting. First thing to do though is to switch on all the lights inside the motorhome and then look everywhere for a hidden switch.


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