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Engine tick over increases to 1200 rpm after starting


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Hi everyone I know it's been mentioned before but I can't seem to find the thread and get a fix to this problem.


It's a 2011 Rapido 643 Ducato 2.3 multi jet. The fault is when starting, after a few seconds the tick over gradually increases to 1200rpm. If you leave it, after about 3 minutes the alternator charge light comes on and will stay on. However if you rev the engine to 1900/2000rpm the charge light goes out and the tick over gradually reduces back to normal. It's been like this for a long time and have just lived with it as the battery is being charged but I would like to get it sorted now.


I guess the ECU is compensating for the lack of initial charge, but don't want to change the alternator or regulator needlessly if it's a more simple fix. I did try a temporary earth wire from the alternator to the earth pin but to no effect.


Thanks for your help

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Same thing happened to our van

It was the alternator regulator brush pack

Info on how to change is on YouTube as is common failure

Took an hour to replace on our ducato x250 as no need to remove alternator

Part was about 15 quid off ebay



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The thread where Nick documents the issue is here :



Nick mentions that the fault may only occur if the Head lights are turned on, or if there is a load on the Alternator.

Obviously on a Motorhome there may be the 'unseen' load on the Alternator of charging the habitation batteries.




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Hi today tried the jump lead test from the negative battery terminal to the engine lifting bracket, but no difference.


Then connected the jump leads to the battery of my car with the engine running and it cured the problem. Moved the earth jump lead to the bonnet catch and still ok.


So I guess its the voltage regulator being lazy we'll see when I change it this week.

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