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12 volt fans


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We paid about a tenner each for some small 12volt fans that run off a USB plug. Thet are intended to be powered by a computer, so they use very little power, and are very quiet. They don't produce galeforce wing, but being small, cheap, and quiet we have half a dozen, and pop one on my pillow, at home or in the van, close to my head, I wedge one into the sun visor for when I drive, and just use one anywhere I need to cool down.


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We've tried a variety of fansover the years and the best and most versatile were a pair of battery powered 4 inch fans branded 02 Cool or somesuch (using a couple of D cells) which had two speeds the lower of which was just right for aiming across your head/face in bed when stuffy.  Used on low speed (high was too noisy and windy) the batteries would last the best part of a week of nights.


We also carry two mains powered 6 inch clamp-on fans for use when we're on site with EHU, which are better still, mounted down at the foot of the bed blowing toward our faces.


Latest acquisition are a couple of rechargeable 3 inch fans for use at face level (rechargeable from a USB point, so via a USB socket that goes into the cigar lighter on the dash as we drive) and these are OK, although a bit noisier.  These last more than one night between charges.  Think these came from EBay.


We have dash aircon, so don't need fans while we drive.  We have roof air-con (mains) too but the OH does allow that to be used overnight because of the noise.  (So that was a waste of cash and payload!)


Overall the 02 Cool battery fans were most useful, if you can still get them.


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samnkeez - 2017-04-07 6:54 PM


There appear to be a whole raft of 12v fans available however they all look a bit cheap and cheerful. Has anyone got any recommendations for a decent and preferably quiet12 v fan?


You don't notice the fan noise after a bit of regular use.


If you think a 12 volt fan is noisy, try sleeping in a room with an Air Conditioner running. :D


When I was home on leave, I couldn't sleep because it was too quiet. ;-)

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