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Autosleeper 2012 Broadway EL Duo weight and payload


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Something of a mystery here where I'd welcome some comments.


We are thinking about downsizing (another dreaded >70 medical is due this year)) and the EL Duo version could well suit us. However the payload, it would seem, is stated to be just 350 kg.


Looking at the pdf for the 2012 brochure, which can be found at http://storage.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/brochures/2012-autosleepers.pdf, the maximum permissible weight is 3400 kg. All the other Broadways are 3500 kg and have the same dimensions. Obviously there are differences across the range depending on the internal fittings etc. But it does seem strange that the Duo is given as 3400kg. If it really was 3500kg as per the other models then the additional 100 kg would make the vehicle more attractive.


Strangely the dealer has looked at the plate - and it's 3500 kg. So is this a brochure error?


Any thoughts?

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Agaric - 2017-04-14 12:51 PM


I'm getting a 404 on your link.


The plate is what you go by, vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded but the plate has to be changed if so, if DVSA officers stopped you it's the plate they would go by.


Go to http://www.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/information/brochures


and then search for "2012 Auto-sleepers" (without the quotes).


And I agree that the vehicles VIN plate is the only legal figure, the brochure is purely for information.



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