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Fitting a Thetford Aspire cooker in Hymer Exsis i588


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Ok the boat has been sold, and after many,many years on the water the skipper is about to jump ship and go shoreside.

Several months research from the vast range of choices and it has come down to a 2015 Hymer Exsis i588, which I pick up tomorrow (April 20/17)

It,s a LHD which is my choice as the wanderlust is still active, so Europe beckons, but not until a few exploratory UK ventures.

My first forum based request is as follows.

I wish to change the basic 3 gas hob for a Thetford Aspire, which is an optional extra when spec-ing a new model.

Question: Have any members ever attempted this retro fit project? As an ex marine engineeer the job does not bother me, I would just like to know if the best option is carpentery based or is it better to remove the entire unit and sink top and order the complete unit and cooker from a UK Hymer dealer.

I would also welcome some advise on the best reversing camera system to fit.



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