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Don't forget the importance of the Battery clamps.


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We received an enquiry from someone with erratic 12v electrics under load.

When loaded up, the battery couldn't deliver, or so it seemed trying to perform a diagnosis from 200 miles away.


We suggested that they get the batteries out to check/replace them.

A few days later we got a reply :



"On removing the passenger seat to enable access to the batteries l noticed slight discolouration on a battery terminal clamp, the underside was found to be very corroded indeed, also the bolt.


On checking the other terminal, l found very poor and loose connections. Who ever who fitted those batteries used the battery cable pinch screws as connector terminals.

Fitted new battery clamps and after a week of trails at home and a 4 days away, l am 100% confident the problem now resolved".



I am sometimes guilty of assuming that when someone comes to us with a problem, all the quick, easy checks have already been done.

The soundness of the battery clamps and the connections to them are crucial and one of the first things that should be checked when problems are experienced.

Especially if the battery is hard to access, because it is less likely to have been done.




Original email was :

Hi Allan, I am lead to believe you are the Elektroblock fixer, so can you please advise the best way forward, please bear in mind l live Bournemouth, Dorset.

Motorhome is a Dethleffs Globebus 2010.

12v electricals work great on mains hook up and vehicle (Fiat based) alternator.


My problem started during our winter trip to Spain.

The 12v leisure battery side become erratic and unstable, even to the extent of bringing the low voltage warning lamp on. Especially when the Webesto diesel heater is switched on.

Yet turn all 12v off and the panel shows 12.5v to 13.2v?

We are very careful with battery consumption and operate at a minimumist level

The Varta ZHKE batteries are 12/14 months old and hold their charge well.

The vehicle is also fitted with an Efoy charging system which is very efficient. The Efoy is connected directly to the leisure batteries.


Is a rebuilt Schaudt exchange unit a good option?

Look forward to hearing your views and advice.



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Guest pelmetman

Have to say after I changed my batteries to those Varta ones you recommended, I started having intermittent starting issues reminiscent of starter motor problems......ie rapid clicking 8-) .......


The problem became more frequent until we got stuck outside the campsite at Zaragoza *-) .......Where I discovered the issue was lose battery clamps :D .......


Mind you I do have a history with loose nuts :$ ......



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