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Elddis 155 hab door


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After unlocking with the remote try opening and closing a cab door. This tells the alarm/central locking that you have entered the MH and to not re-lock it.


The manufacturer has taken the cheap option of not adding a switch to the hab door to tell the alarm you have entered. Ask the dealer to get it corrected as, IMO, it is not fit for purpose.



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dotdot - 2017-04-26 10:34 AM


Hiya, just got our new van the other day, the hab door seems to automatically lock behind us, is there anyway to avoid this. Can see us locking ourselves out :-S


My new Transit based Chausson Welcome 610 does this as well - if the hab door is opened from the remote, around 45 seconds later it relocks. I concluded that it was beacuse Chausson have not fitted the equivalent of a rear door courtesy light switch, so the Ford Body Control Module doesn't "see" that the door has been opened and does it's EU-mandated automatic relock as a result. I mentioned it to the supplying dealer, who was well aware of the trait.


Added to this, the latches that Chausson use on the garage & gas locker doors can be set to lock when pushed in without the key present, providing another opportunity to lock the keys inside, so I hang the keys around my neck on a lanyard when outside the van. This also helps prevent the panics from putting the keys down "somewhere" & forgetting where the "somewhere" is !"


Nigel B

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