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Drivers entrance door and burst hot water pipe.


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This week end at a dog festival i tried to solve two problems. The Hartal front cabin door has a gas spring in the bottom Not a fiat cabin door. Their function is to limit the opening of to a certain amount of degrees as is the case whit all your flip outs on your side walls. That gas spring arm swivels over two fixed balls. If one ball connection is out of his position the arm falls down in the door bottom. Since there are inspection holes in the bottom the arm ball can fall down and damage the frame when closing your door or even unable to close the door. In that case you can not drive . In that bottom door at the same location of the arm are cables for the mirror setting l/r and heating and the electric window driver side. Shame on you hartal to make such a bulls**t arm at that critical position. All openings in a motor home bottom,side,or roof needs a attention . The hot water pipe was burst whit a bang collapse and the pump and the boiler start to work to pump water . Have some hot-cold tubes whit and the couplings.
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